best Maharashtrian thali in Pune

About Us


Maharashtrian cuisine is the world famous and most zesty spiced up flavor. It is a balance of sweetness, crunchiness, softness, hotness and equally aromatic. Keeping this unique advantage and introducing the ethnicity of all these flavors onto the authentic food market O'Zara has been established as a royal and traditional to its origin. From dishes to ambiance O'Zara is a specially flourished of the Maharashtra culture. Its delicacies and signature dishes bring the aromatic and western smell from the Maharashtrian lands. Dig into the softness and zesty surprises that will reveal new twists into your tongue. With its tasteful Specialty O'Zara has taken a place in everyone's heart.

About the Founder

Vijay Botre has an opportunistic attitude, able leadership, motivating work culture that brightened his dream child O'Zara into reality. A pioneer and a strong visionary, he created strong business relationship and his strategic planning led O'Zara on this stage of trusted service and esteem player in Catering market. A passionate and zealous personality to achieve the top end in the world led him to making O'Zara. Being a strong identity in Hospitality world, his calm and healthy associations also have made way to embarking new relations at every stage. From menu decisions to the hard core ambiance designing he has had a keen interest in every planning and development of O'Zara; with no exception to the creation of his signature recipes of aromatic indulgence.