Authentic Maharashtrian Cuisine

The land of chilies and spice, Maharashtra is best known for many sweet and spicy food dishes. A range of flavor, aroma and hotness has made a revolution in Maharashtrian Food. The differentiation isn’t just in the taste but even in the ingredients used. Is a very well-known saying that language changes every 20 kms; well so does the tastes of food. When you travel to the northern Maharashtra you will see a variety in the food where it has so much water intake. To be absolutely fair, the main course is the ‘Rassa’. In the western Maharashtra a range of sweetness and bland food dishes. But even in this taste and smell you would want to try the authentic Maharashtrian food. Even the royalties and Maharanas from ancient times lost their egos at the smell of exciting food preparation.

Many people enjoy and indulge in the traditional and authentic Maharashtrian dishes. Express you favoritism at O’Zara for tangy and originality of all food dishes served here. A complete Thali comes in 18 varieties of authentic Maharshtrian dishes. Explore your tongue twister with three different flats breads or as O’Zara says Bhakri and Poli (Chapati). A complete different platter of side twists of chatni will make your mouth exchange the tang and sweetness with the dessert. O’Zara Thali is the most credible and authentic quality of tastiness. Have a bite of all the sides and you will be stomach-full before the main course starts. Have a look at the different main course dishes.

Tangy Pulses | Kadhi | Varan | Bajrichi Bhakri | Vangyacha bharit | Batatyachi Bhaji | Masale Bhat | Sadha Bhat | Sajuk Tup