best Maharashtrian thali in Pune

Hygienic Energy Drinks and Desserts

O’Zara is most famous for its hospitality and greeting of the customers. But it is most famous for serving their most appealing and creamy health drink which will refresh your tiring sleepy mood. Have your fill of Masala taak howsoever you want to. Every sip will remind you of the dahi that has been churned so finely that you can actually taste every bit of that dahi become semi-soli and turn into the creamy liquid with the taste of spices that will relax your stomach so healthily you will want more to make you feel good from inside.

Unlike others, O’Zara believes in making quality a special feature. So it does not prepare in bulk with any order confirmation. Therefore, batch-wise cooking is the main feature that enhances The Masala Taak into making the best of all its dishes.

Desserts Made from the same ingredient but with different process you can see the difference in the taste and texture of Shrikhand. Made from dahi, shrikhand has been processed so intensely that you will never understand the difference if you really don’t know how it is prepared. The extra topping of dry fruits make this dessert even more appealing and tasty complimenting every item in the thali.