Scrumptious Healthy Side-ads

A fill of the main course can make you take a nap then and there itself. Don’t get too tired because we have just begun to give you an experience of the Royal dining. If you want to find out more what is the secret ingredient that makes no compromise on quality and hygiene is the constant check on what needs to be innovated and explored. Side breads and flat breads are the most scrumptious when tasted individually.

The add-ons are only so much so that it does really make you tire. Coriander is just a herb to make your eyes greener and fresher. But add some more spices that will make your stomach curl up like a baby to want more and you get what O’Zara says to Kothimbir Vadi. Along with Kothimbir Vadi, combine your taste buds for more hara-bhara kebabs, Dhokla, Healthy Salads; what else would you want to bring the tangy tastes on your tongue. But to serve you we have many such traditional Maharashtrian side-ads

Chatni | Kharda | Tilachi Chatni | Lasnachi Chatni | Karalyachi chatni | Javas Chatni | Hirvya mirchichi chatni | Sukhya mirchichi chatni Thalipeeth | Hara-bhara kebab | Kothimbir Va | Dhokla | God Kadhi | Koshimbir